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What we do at #LOU

We provide a platform for individuals to share life experiences, causes or products that can better humanity.

Our goals include providing encouragement and useful information as well as raising awareness and educating our visitors.

Our latest highlights...

Jeremiah Savant's Adventures in Mental Health


TEN: Endgame, Part One


The day had dawned bright and warm. I had bathed; trimmed and tidied all visible hair –tied it up and stuck it down. After coffee, I had dressed up a little in a jacket and jeans combo (with white roll-neck shirt) which seemed to scream ‘mid-life crisis!’ yet… my 20-year-old-self would have taken one look and exclaimed in awe at the ultimate coolness of daring to wear it at my age. I was, of course, under no illusions and realised I probably looked a bit silly, but hey, I did not care. How I felt about it was important, and that would carry the look. Diffused thoughts and memories of the same day ten years previously, when I had been wandering around college with ‘Dirk’ making jokes about being an old fart and how I could say certain things now that I was forty… and the evening which included a bottle of tequila and a certain gorgeous Argentinian young lady…


Forty years prior to this day, the media was filling my child’s mind with the ideas that we all would have personal helicopters, wall-sized 3D TVs and food would be in pill form (this appealed to me a lot, as I was told at every mealtime that the starving children in Africa would be glad of my leftovers, so I must eat up and be grateful). There would be massive amounts of leisure time due to robots making the stuff we needed and even being servants and companions – saving mankind from the drudgery of work and leaving us to lives of social, intellectual and scientific advancement. Hovercars and jetboots, holidays on the moon… sub-orbital hypersonic superjets spanning the globe in half an hour… the Sahara Desert planted for foodcrops and efficient solar, wind and wave farms would harvest electricity at a cost too cheap to measure… huge clean  read more

Comments Received

Saw this and thought of you... How simple, this quote, but so apt with your brilliant community work. - "A person's a person, no matter how small." (Dr Seuss).

You cover many important issues. Good work.

...and I'm proud to be part of such a loving, caring community. Thank you!...

Special thanks to you... for allowing LOU to be used as a vehicle to reach the people.

Thanks for continuing to be such a wonderful and consistent voice of support.

...I love the site, and thanks for having it.

Keep up the good work - I really enjoy reading your blogs, gives me insight with my work :) (re: 'Adventures...'

Improving work for social workers and producing better outcomes for children and their families...


New leaflet for school children

'Be Safe This Summer!'

Now available in French

'Soyez prudent cet été!'

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'Carbon Monoxide - The silent killer'

LeanOnUs is proud to be chosen along with MobilityProducts4U as the main online distributors of Carbon Monoxide - The silent killer in association with Consumer Safety International (CSI) and ANEC - 'The European consumer voice in standardisation'.

Special thanks to President of CSI, Molly Maher and to UK Gas Safety Expert, Stephen Hadley for enabling LeanOnUs to help #SpreadTheWord and for helping us to educate others about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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