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LeanOnUs provides a platform for individuals to share their personal experiences, causes or products that can help to make the world a better place.

Our goals include providing encouragement and useful information as well as raising awareness and educating our visitors.

Our members offer a whole host of support services, some of which include counselling, psychotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, transformation coaching, motability advice, gas safety, product safety, consumer rights, child protection, legal advice, free teleconferences (specifically Lyme Disease but includes chronic pain), insurance policy claims advice and support, children’s workshops, interventions, parenting advice (moms and dads), graphic and website design, live radio shows, speakers bureau as well as marketing and social media services.


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Free Leaflets for Children

Feeling Anxious?

Are you feeling sad and worried?

Be Safe This Summer!

Soyez prudent cet été!

Rămâneți în siguranță vara asta!

Sea seguro este verano!



Day 8 Summer Countdown: £50 of Lego from SaferChild


Have you ICE’d your mobile phone? It’s important and it’s FREE. Click the photo below to see how.

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Successful Trials of Colourful Carbon Monoxide Sensor Could Save Lives

“Consumer Safety International welcomes this new research for detecting Carbon Monoxide by the Imperial College London. It is an interesting new approach to monitoring low levels of Carbon Monoxide and if trials prove to be successful by incorporating Ultra-Violet technology into hardwired or portable CO Alarms, appears to be accurate and cost-effective for consumers on their safety.”  read more 


When Early Signs of Bullying Hits Home!

This is the story of why I wrote my children’s book Willy the Wacky Duck. Many details may seem unnecessary; however, I feel that every one of them is important. I wanted to truly express the type of relationship that I have with my child, which will better help the parent in evaluating their situation.

My daughter is an only child. Although I had the privilege of staying home with her, when she was three years old I recognized the need for her to be around other children in order to develop her social skills. I knew that with her calm and kind disposition that it would be important for me to choose a pre-school environment that was not too overwhelming, yet enough to grow on. A friend gave us a reference to a local… read more


SHIELD Child Protection System

LexiconP Limited’s NEW Child Assessment Tool – a real innovation to safeguarding and child protection services. Click on the photo to learn more about a ‘NEW era in Child Protection’!



Comments Received

“Your mascot is almost as handsome as me. Lime green shirt is brave choice, but he pull off well.” Aleksandr Orlov

Have you connected with (LOU)… a finger on the pulse of support groups worldwide.

Saw this and thought of you… How simple, this quote, but so apt with your brilliant community work. – “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” (Dr Seuss).

Our pleasure… Love what you do. Keep up the great work.

You cover many important issues. Good work.

…and I’m proud to be part of such a loving, caring community. Thank you!…

Special thanks to you… for allowing LOU to be used as a vehicle to reach the people.

Encouragement for those who need it and a kick in a rear facing orifice for certain others! 😉

Thanks for continuing to be such a wonderful and consistent voice of support.

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